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What is Bead Blasting Used For?

Blasting is a typical process used to manage the surfaces of numerous different sorts of objects. There are a number of various kinds of blasting, and they could be reviewed most quickly to sandpaper. Many sorts of blasting are completed with the use of large blasts that are established to wear away big portions of materials. Other kinds use really small components that are manufactured to wearing away little patches with a lot more attention to detail. Glass bead blasting is a technique with the use of one of the biggest varieties of blast media.

Glass beads are favoured for a few reasons. Such as walnut shells, the beads are not dangerous to the surroundings. Meanwhile, sandblasting media includes trace amounts of silicon oxide that can be harmful to human lung area and surrounding plant life. Additionally, sand media is very intricate to reclaim and contain, however, glass beads can be cleaned out easily and reused for ongoing usage.

There are a lot of various methods to deal with and work with metal elements of all dimensions. Bead blasting could utilize media that are glass, metal, or ceramic to manage the surface of the rock and different kinds of metal. It is occasionally also called as shot peening. Abrasive blasting techniques like this are especially of use for a wide array of tasks, such as strengthening, resurfacing, and even cleaning up of sturdy surfaces. Resurfacing Abrasive blasting is making use of abrasive materials that are powered toward a surface at a maximum rate. For resurfacing tasks, this could help in creating a distinctive surface and layout on a provided material. It can additionally be utilized in order to create surfaces. Things that may require to be resurfaced include:

  • Car components, to eliminate old paint prior to a brand new paint job
  • Aeroplane components prior to painting
  • cement or stone for a construction work
  • Aluminium for construction needs

Strengthening Bead blasting is frequently used to help enhance the durability of metal components. A typical spot to notice this completed is with firearms. Owners might choose to subject the cask of a firearm to some peening, which usually can weaken the finishing and let it take paint a little smoother. Another component that is subjected to such blasting is aircrafts components. It can be used to increase the toughness of the components against fatigue. This is ideal for specific parts that require to be blasted for strengthening or resurfacing applications, however, blasting can additionally be a very good method to clean items. When you bead blasted the floor and grout in your swimming pool, for instance, you simply may be able to get rid of some of that persistent calcium builds up and fungus. Bead blasting could be utilized for a range of purposes.

There is very minimal to clean up following a blasting work, and it could make a cleaning job go a few times more quickly. When you have a task that could take advantage from a little abrasive blasting, get a hold of us at Strip Co to see how we can help.

Glass Bead Blasting Services by StripCo

Glass bead blasting utilises small spherical acrylic beads, which leave a peened, semi-polished, satin finish, on the metal surface. Primarily, it is used on Stainless Steel and Aluminium surfaces and castings, as it does not remove any metal. This media is inert and used in our clean blast chamber. Therefore, all parts must be clean, free of oil and grease, or they cannot be processed in the chamber. Find out more about what we do here and call us on 02 9792 3411!

Role Of Sandblasting For Industries

For a sector in industrial or manufacturing, there are a variety of processes in order to roughen or cleaning the surface. This is amongst the primary and essential process to do in these markets. This procedure is done by specifically designed sandblasting hardware which will work by blasting pressurized air or vapour at high rates for glass engraving the surfaces made of metal materials. For some procedures, sandblasting tools are manufactured with a blaster nozzle as well as an air compressor to push the abrasive material at maximum pressure level. This procedure is relying upon the usage and also the form of grits.

The application of grits is primarily counting upon the surface and there are a long variety of grits is applied to complete the procedure. These are including large grit, fine grit, and a lot (aluminium oxide)  each and every grit offers distinctive specifications as well as various grits outcomes a variety of final result.

  • Large Grit — which is the most cost-effective, and general-purpose media. It’s typically used for cleaning Gates, Railings, Bric-a-brac, Steel Fabrication, and rusty, heavy-coated surfaces, to name a few. The finish is similar to 100-grade sandpaper and will provide excellent adhesion for all coatings.
  • Fine Grit — is a smaller media size, and is used on delicate items or jobs which require a smoother finish. These include bike frames, outdoor furniture, trucks, car panels/parts, full car shells and chassis, including all sheet metal, general blast cleaning and preparation work.
  • Alox — which is short for Aluminium Oxide, has the advantage of being a non-metallic media, and will not contaminate the surface to be blasted. It gives a very fine profile (similar to 250-grade sandpaper) and is ideal for stainless steel items such as domes, pressure vessels and fabrications, or cleaning Alloy Wheels, and any delicate parts.

There are a variety of benefits that industries commonly have from sandblasting procedure. It is apparent that rusted surfaces, burred elements, surface sizes as well as aging type problem are able to be effectively countered by these process giving extended life to the equipment as well as industrial equipment. In case you plan to include any kind of coating on the surface, you would them to be cleaned up completely and this task will nicely be done by the sandblasting procedure. Should the surface where the paint is going to be implemented, is not prepared well, then the color will not showcase its glitters for this factor, you are advised to make the surface clean from any old paints or even any finish and after that colour will be able to be employed. This is the part where sandblasting works best.

In the same way, rustic compounds of any types of equipment have a good deal of negative impact on the efficiency because it slows down the manufacturing process and also if this thing will stay neglected for a long time, other components may be affected hence in order to eliminate it issue within the equipment or machines, a sandblasting treatment is required. In case there is any mould problem at the home, these can be effectively extracted through sandblasting with plastic grits. Aside from these uses, these are applied in a variety of varied functions such as to clean bricks and stones materials and widely in automotive sectors.

Strip Co is a well-known company specializing in industrial painting and coating, providing the best services, supported by high-quality products and experienced professionals that offer all Industrial Protective Coating finishes, utilising conventional and airless-spray equipment.. Get in touch for more inquiries. We provide customised solutions and work within timeframes that work perfectly for you.


Powder coating performs a day to day role in the appliances we employ on a regular basis. The most significant role it takes on is within our dwelling. When we focus on our kitchen area, powder coatings are dominant in the majority of the appliances we make use of, starting from a dishwashing machine to rubbish disposal to the gasoline and electric varieties. When we turn the corner of our house, we can find powder coating in bathroom features, blinds, as well as louvers. Outside the house we come across with lawn mowers, barbecue grills, as well as patio and garden furniture. Going for a walk a couple blocks, we come across our nearby playground, each equipment with powder coating that comes in the form of bicycles as well as playground gear.


Powder coating refers to a dry finishing procedure for which a reliable blast of thermoplastic or thermoset powder materials, instead of a liquid suspension, is placed on an area. Following it is placed on a surface it is dissolved and then enabled to dry, solidifying into a protecting coating. The powder is used and protected through something called ESD or electrostatic spray deposition to an electrically rooted metal base. Progressively, some original manufacturers are deciding to complete their equipment or building hardware with the assistance of powder coating.


The services of powder coating are suitable for a number of components, such as metals, plastic materials, glass, as well as medium-density fibreboard (MDF). Powder coating creates both practical and appealing surface finish in an easy number of shades, designs, coatings, as well as finishes. They can be applied on numerous appliances. Equipment that is utilised for a lot of different manufacturing applications needs to be managed and frequently managed with special coatings to attenuate possible damage and preserve maximum function capability. The protective powder coating solutions assist companies to steadfastly keep up established equipment and organise new bits of equipment for effective usage.



There are numerous forms of powder coatings that have been made for assorted protective requirements for commercial machinery. By way of example, corrosion proof coatings can cover metallic elements from uv light and emission, oxidisation, water damage and mold as well as a lot of different chemical substances applied during manufacturing procedures. Certain kinds of industrial coatings shield metal tanks and structures from damage for many years and even many decades. Moving machinery can reap the benefits of releasing coatings which lube machinery components that transfer and decrease friction whilst additionally aiding avoid wear as well as abrasion.




A lot of different companies incorporate protective powder coating goods to greatly help in keeping and protecting their equipment. By way of example, the aerospace business employs corrosion proof coatings to attenuate friction in the procedure of equipment as well as machinery. The food production industry utilises release as well as corrosion proof coatings to take care of machinery so that it is fully compliant with sanitisation specifications.



Correctly used powder coating approach services can help alleviate problems with your equipment from rusting, corroding, as well as wearing down through the recurring procedures that include friction. Equipment must be addressed on a regular basis to make certain it is correctly secured and can work effectively for as long as possible, therefore reducing the significance of some other costly repair works or untimely equipment substitution.


Strip Co is a well-known company specialising in industrial painting and coating, providing the best services, supported by high quality products and experienced professionals that offer all Industrial Protective Coating finishes, utilising conventional and airless-spray equipment.. Get in touch for more inquiries.



Things That Can Be Powder Coated

Powder coating is one of the most well known finishing techniques available on the market today, and it is quickly growing much more popular across industry. It is establishing new application procedures and coating formulas to enhance the breadth of applications for which powder coating can be applied. In between the number of applications and the excellent practical and financial benefits it gives, you can now find powder coating on all kinds of everyday appliances and items. Dry finishing procedure is called powder coating utilising finely surface molecule of pigment and resin, charged and sprayed onto electrically grounded components of machine. This offers assured protection and enhanced visual appearance of the machines through the use of as a dry section of deftly ground particles. Powder coating is an amazing solution for low emissions all through industrial coating industry. Equipment that need painting can modify coatings by the needs of each and every machine, such as by its different intensity of stiffness, depth, protection to Ultra-violet exposure as well as chemical level of resistance.


Commonly, any metal object that can hold the electrostatic charge necessary to affix the sprayed powder and can tolerate the high temperature levels of the curing procedure. Mild steel, galvanised and electroplated steel, aluminium, stainless steel, and almost every other steel alloys can be powder coated.  Powder coating is adaptable and can be used to materials which range from metal to wood to glass and plastics. You will find powder coatings on kitchen appliances like kitchen mixers and gas ranges, on automotive items like bodies and wheels, and outdoor home attributes like doors, lamp posts, statues, fencing and entrances, and even water fountains.


Powder coating is applied in a distinctive way, and the technique lends a bunch of benefits and features to the application. A couple of of the benefits include:

  • Longevity: The excellence of a powder coating can last for years, remaining bright and vivid with less fading over a longer time. Aside from UV radiation and use, the quality of your powder coating will continue to be.
  • Variety: Powder coating will come in a number of colours and finishes, all depending on the particular needs of the application. Metallic, high and low gloss and clear finishes are all possible with powder coating. A professional powder coating specialist can ensure a good coating in the correct colour.
  • Durability: Powder coatings own excellent resistance to abrasion as well as corrosion, especially when compared with liquid coatings. In addition, many companies add compounds to their powder coatings to boost anti-corrosive or anti-abrasive properties, maintaining the quality of the coating for a longer time.
  • Cost-Efficient: Powder coating has numerous advantages and needs little training and cleanup. It is a cheap option, especially considering the quality and durability of the products
  • Less Toxic: Solvent-based coatings give off volatile, often harmful toxins into the air when heated or electrified, polluting the atmosphere. It can be toxic to improperly protected workers and damaging to the environment, but it can also require more extensive air treatment and exhaust systems to clear the air.


The powder coating procedure, although long lasting and economical, needs baking at maximum temperatures to create the paint. Consequently, rubber and other materials that can melt, are not perfect for powder coating.  there is an entire world saturated in materials in and out of the home that are perfect for powder coating. Strip Co is a well-known company specialising in industrial painting and coating, providing the best services, supported by high quality products and experienced professionals. Get in touch for more inquiries.



Well-Known Methods of Industrial Paint Coatings

Buildings for business purposes needs to be painted, whether it’s commercial painting or industrial painting. Commercial and industrial painting differs in goals, which triggers companies to specialise in one way or another. Painting is essentially needed in business equipment maintenance. Business machineries need to have a good display, not only it impacts their look on the outside, it also has just correlation to the structure of the equipments used. In many aspects, industrial painting for industrial business purposes, on a larger scale, is all about the importance of function over look and shape which has a goal to create a durable layer of paint that will get through relentless conditions of a manufacturing type of environment. The paints used for industrial coating are exclusive, protective type of coating that counters corrosion and damage from reducing the strength of metal or plastic of the equipment being used.

Explore four of the diverse types of industrial paint coatings:
● Solvent Base
Automotive equipments need a different coating. Heavy-duty colour coating is generated from solvent based paints. To keep the equipments look great, as well as protecting the structure of the equipments, since it’s used for a wide range of endeavour, different vehicles and machineries are needed. Preserving colour and gloss in a long period of time is a proof of industrial painting coating with high quality used for the equipments, such as urethane topcoat, e-coat, and an epoxy primer makes for a successful mix competent to combat fading, chalking and other chemically caused damage. A solvent based coating forms a defensive layer against the structure of the machine, to retain safety from humidity, acids, salt, oils, and abrasion.
● Anti Fouling
The greatest anti fouling paint coatings, tin free coating, are the ones that have qualities such as bright in colour, last a long period of time, reasonable cost, and effortlessly applied. Anti fouling type of industrial coating is greatly recommended for boats, as it is specifically protective In both fresh and salt water conditions. Additionally, an anti fouling coating can be applied to wood, fibre glass, steel, and works really well in different kinds of climates, that helps protect against corrosion and organism growth on boats.
Waterborne paint coating is flourishing on being the best kind of protection against corrosion which benefits production products. One of the greatest advantages of using a waterborne coating is that it is EPA approved and compliant with clean air regulations. It also is highly resistant to fade so it holds strong to colour loss. The non-flammable, non-toxic, non-hazardous quality is safe for people and the environment, protecting industrial equipments for the long time.

● Powder Coating
This offers guaranteed protection and improved aesthetic look of the machines by applying as a dry element of deftly ground particles. Powder coating is a perfect solution for low emissions all through industrial coating industry. Machines that demand painting can customise coatings by the needs of each machine, such as by its varying intensity of hardness, thickness, protection to UV exposure and chemical resistance.
After exploring your options and get to decide which type of painting your business building need, it is important to take your time doing the step you need to take afterward which is choosing a company to do the job. Scanning through different companies for the job, there is sure one that is the best. Strip Co is a well-known company specialising in industrial painting and coating, providing the best services, supported by high quality products and experienced professionals. Put your trust on our reliability and high value of money, get in touch for all inquiries.