Things That Can Be Powder Coated

Powder coating is one of the most well known finishing techniques available on the market today, and it is quickly growing much more popular across industry. It is establishing new application procedures and coating formulas to enhance the breadth of applications for which powder coating can be applied. In between the number of applications and the excellent practical and financial benefits it gives, you can now find powder coating on all kinds of everyday appliances and items. Dry finishing procedure is called powder coating utilising finely surface molecule of pigment and resin, charged and sprayed onto electrically grounded components of machine. This offers assured protection and enhanced visual appearance of the machines through the use of as a dry section of deftly ground particles. Powder coating is an amazing solution for low emissions all through industrial coating industry. Equipment that need painting can modify coatings by the needs of each and every machine, such as by its different intensity of stiffness, depth, protection to Ultra-violet exposure as well as chemical level of resistance.


Commonly, any metal object that can hold the electrostatic charge necessary to affix the sprayed powder and can tolerate the high temperature levels of the curing procedure. Mild steel, galvanised and electroplated steel, aluminium, stainless steel, and almost every other steel alloys can be powder coated.  Powder coating is adaptable and can be used to materials which range from metal to wood to glass and plastics. You will find powder coatings on kitchen appliances like kitchen mixers and gas ranges, on automotive items like bodies and wheels, and outdoor home attributes like doors, lamp posts, statues, fencing and entrances, and even water fountains.


Powder coating is applied in a distinctive way, and the technique lends a bunch of benefits and features to the application. A couple of of the benefits include:

  • Longevity: The excellence of a powder coating can last for years, remaining bright and vivid with less fading over a longer time. Aside from UV radiation and use, the quality of your powder coating will continue to be.
  • Variety: Powder coating will come in a number of colours and finishes, all depending on the particular needs of the application. Metallic, high and low gloss and clear finishes are all possible with powder coating. A professional powder coating specialist can ensure a good coating in the correct colour.
  • Durability: Powder coatings own excellent resistance to abrasion as well as corrosion, especially when compared with liquid coatings. In addition, many companies add compounds to their powder coatings to boost anti-corrosive or anti-abrasive properties, maintaining the quality of the coating for a longer time.
  • Cost-Efficient: Powder coating has numerous advantages and needs little training and cleanup. It is a cheap option, especially considering the quality and durability of the products
  • Less Toxic: Solvent-based coatings give off volatile, often harmful toxins into the air when heated or electrified, polluting the atmosphere. It can be toxic to improperly protected workers and damaging to the environment, but it can also require more extensive air treatment and exhaust systems to clear the air.


The powder coating procedure, although long lasting and economical, needs baking at maximum temperatures to create the paint. Consequently, rubber and other materials that can melt, are not perfect for powder coating.  there is an entire world saturated in materials in and out of the home that are perfect for powder coating. Strip Co is a well-known company specialising in industrial painting and coating, providing the best services, supported by high quality products and experienced professionals. Get in touch for more inquiries.