Sandblasting Sydney

High-Quality Sandblasting in Sydney
Sandblasting is also called abrasive blasting, and is a process used for cleaning and/or etching a surface with the use of sand that is shot-directed at very high velocity against the item that has to be treated. Stripco is and leading company in this space that has been providing high quality sandblasting in Sydney to customers across the region. We can help with the surface-preparation of a number of metal substrates such as wrought iron, mild steel, aluminium & stainless steel.
We have a great deal of expertise in this field and have been one of the leading companies in Sydney since 1962. All our work is carried out with the use of the latest and technologically-advanced equipment and we are highly focused on detailing and perfection. We always prioritise customisation and ensure that customer expectations are met and exceeded on every front.
The Processes
When customers come to us with their sandblasting in Sydney requirements they know that the final product will be of a high quality and one that will last for years. We have 4 different-sized blasting rooms and can handle 4 media types such as:

Comprehensive Solutions
In addition to all these excellent sandblasting in Sydney services, we also offer a range of Industrial Protective Coating finishes & use airless-spray equipment. We use coatings including Epoxies, Chlorinated rubber, MIO (Micaceous iron oxide), Enamels, Polyurethane, Acrylic & Hi-Temp as well as Zinc Rich (epoxy & inorganic) and other heat-resistant coatings.  When it comes to sandblasting in Sydney, you need look no further than Stripco. Call us on (02) 9792 3411 with your requirement today.